JPF aims at providing social services to the wider communities, we intend to move round the 6 Geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

To support the government at all levels in community development and sustainability by sensitizing mobilizing and galvanizing the body of the community to participate in nation building and also to checkmate and with thorough advocacy on good governance to deliver the dividend of democracy to the people

To provide counseling to the youth and care for people living with HIV/AIDS in the society and to undertake enlighten campaigns/seminars awareness on preventive techniques. Also to assist by providing free test and drugs they may be readily available to the foundation.

To liaise, cooperate and join efforts with other national and international, Agencies and voluntary organizations with similar Foundation interest and focus as the foundation.

Fighting against corruption and bad leadership.

To encourage and assist widows, orphans and indigent (poor) people to develop them as the purse of the foundation can afford.

To have constant research into various aspects of the immediate needs of the community in the sphere of health, education, Agriculture, Jobs and skills acquisition, tourism, youth and elderly empowerment and to create a level plain ground for a sustainable development, take off.

To purchase, hold improve and otherwise acquire and dispose of any movable or immovable property, which may be necessary or convenient for advancement of any object of the association.

To support and encourage scholarship at all levels.

To Maintain Peace and ensure peaceful co-existence among Nigerians irrespective of tribe, race and political leaningType your paragraph here.